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They are a great option for large weddings with over 50 guests as there are some real economies in scale, but don't be put off if you only have a small wedding as a smaller pigs can be used.

How does it all work?

Prior to the wedding, the pig is prepared and the head can be removed if you prefer. Then on the morning of your wedding or event, the pig will be put on to the spit and cooked to perfection .

To cook a hog roast takes between 6-12 hours to cook, with the chef supervising the entire process.

So not just a five minute job

The use of a special roasting unit means that it can be served basically anywhere; hotels, restaurants and even gardens.

The pig is carved at the venue and then served from heated roasting dishes on a dressed buffet table. Sauces and salads will be placed for your guests to help themselves or served onto plate by yourself or by the serving staff.

The traditional spit hog roast is using a pig, however you can also have lamb joints, beef joints, cooked using the spit racking.

Hog roasts can be much more than a pork and stuffing bap. The pork can be served in many variations with the favourite being served with a cold salad.

Simply the best hog roast ever

And then there’s the cleaning which takes about 4 hours.